Ontario DataBase Day

December 13, 2023
The Great Hall (room 102 in the Alumni Memorial Hall) (campus map, floor map)
McMaster University (directions)
1280 Main Street West, Hamilton, ON, Canada, 🇨🇦.
The Alumni Memorial Hall at McMaster University.

The Ontario DataBase Day (OnDBD) is a one-day symposium that will bring together the database and data-focused research community of Ontario. OnDBD will provide an opportunity for junior and senior researchers from Ontario to present their recent work and learn about the wide variety of topics our research community is working on. Hence, OnDBD is an excellent opportunity to meet up with your local colleagues (including new students and faculty) and to foster new local research collaborations.

The inaugural edition of OnDBD is organized by Jelle Hellings, will be hosted by the Department of Computing and Software, Faculty of Engineering, at McMaster University, and is supported by the McMaster Faculty of Engineering and sponsored by SAP Canada.

Closing remarks

We would like to thank the sixteen speakers for their amazing talks and the 51 participants for their participation and enthusiasm throughout the day. Below, we have updated the program to include the slides of some of the talks.


The full program can be downloaded here. The high-level preliminary program looks as follows:

Start Time End Time Description
08:4509:15Registration Open
09:3010:50Session 1 (4 talks)
10:5011:20Coffee break
11:2012:40Session 2 (4 talks)
13:4015:00Session 3 (4 talks)
15:0015:30Coffee break
15:3016:50Session 4 (4 talks)

Below is the break-down of the individual talks:

Start Time End Time Talk Information
09:30 09:50 Update-Aware Information Extraction (slides)
Besat Kassaie, University of Waterloo
09:50 10:10 Towards Efficient and Reliable Data Curation for Machine Learning (slides)
Naiqing Guan, University of Toronto
10:10 10:30 Towards Next-Generation Question Answering Over Knowledge Graphs Systems via Accurate Benchmarking and Large-Scale Training (slides)
Abdelghny Orogat, Carleton University
10:30 10:50 Quantum-safe Blockchain--Data security perspective
Ajmery Sultana, Algoma University
11:20 11:40 Optimizing Recursive Joins in Graph Database Management Systems (slides)
Anurag Chakraborty, University of Waterloo
11:40 12:00 Do Programming Languages need Query Languages? (slides)
Jelle Hellings, McMaster University
12:00 12:20 Eventually Durable Replicated State Machines
Kriti Kathuria and Kenneth Salem, University of Waterloo
12:20 12:40 Trajectory Data Mining in the Age of Big Data and AI (slides)
Manos Papagelis, York University
13:40 14:00 sGradd: Towards RELIABLE S.t..r...e....ami..ng Graph Analytics (slides)
Aida Sheshbolouki, University of Waterloo
14:00 14:20 GaussDB Evolution and Research Directions
Ronen Grosman and Yao Wu, Huawei Canada
14:20 14:40 Incremental Computations of Connectivity Queries in Sliding Windows over Streaming Graphs
Chao Zhang, University of Waterloo
14:40 15:00 Explanation Scores in Data Management (slides)
Leopoldo Bertossi, SKEMA Business School, Montreal, Canada
15:30 15:50 Math Information Retrieval using a Conventional Search Engine (slides)
Frank Wm. Tompa, University of Waterloo
15:50 16:10 Scaling Storage Engines for 100x Big Data (slides)
Niv Dayan, University of Toronto
16:10 16:30 Bringing the Power of Object Stores to SAP IQ
Güneş Aluç, SAP Labs
16:30 16:50 Pythia: A Neural Model for Data Prefetching (slides)
Akshay Arun Bapat, University of Toronto

Program Committee

Jelle Hellings (Chair), Zikai Dou, Nancy Kansal, Jongjun Park, Celine Sana, Nishttha Sharma, and Maryam Valian.


Please contact Jelle Hellings (personal website) for further clarifications or issues.

Academic Opportunities

Several members of the database and data-focused research community of Ontario are looking for the next step in their career. At the same time, multiple institutes nearby are looking for new talent. Below are job listings we are aware of.

In addition, we recommend to look for opportunities at the CRA job listings, ACM job listings, and DBWorld.

Directions and Parking at McMaster

We refer to here for the directions to McMaster. We refer to here for a full campus map. On this map, the Alumni Memorial Hall is labeled (8).

Location of the Alumni Memorial Hall and parking options at McMaster University.

The closest parking lots on the main campus are parking lots B and C on, which are accessible via the Sterling Street Entrance. Visitor parking on the main campus is $20 per day. Discounted parking is available at parking lots M and P at a rate of $8 per day. One can take a shuttle bus from parking lots M and P to the main campus; exit at shuttle bus stop #6. Alternatively, walking from the discounted parking lot P to the Alumni Memorial Hall is roughly 1km. See here for further parking details and here for full details on parking rates.

Staying at McMaster

The closest option is the Visitors Inn at 649 Main St W (2km from the University). Other options include:

Submission Guidelines (closed)

Submission Guidelines

Submission Deadline.
November 3, 2023.
November 10, 2023.

We invite proposals for presentations in all areas related to databases and data-focused research. Areas of interest include, but are not limited to:

Contributions can cover published work or research in progress. Based on the submissions, we will make a selection of contributions that will be presented as a talk. In case of many submissions, we will favor presentations by new faculty and junior researchers.

Please submit your proposals for presentations before the deadline (November 3, 2023). Each proposal should consist of a one-page abstract (including references) based on this LaTeX template (example PDF). Each proposal should contain at-least:

Proposals for presentations can be submitted at the submission website.

OnDBD will have no printed proceedings. The one-page abstract of accepted proposals for presentations will be published on this website, e.g., as part of the program.

Registration (closed)

Please register using the form available via this link. The registration fee is CAD$60 and includes coffee breaks, lunch, and reception.

Sponsors and Supporters

OnDBD is sponsored by SAP Canada and supported by the McMaster Faculty of Engineering.